YEAR 2016 / "Crapitalism" is an "art brand" imbued with social critique, openly expressing disgust towards capitalism. The bold choice of using the term "Crapitalism" immediately captures attention, emphasizing a strong and critical perspective on society. The project highlights Rosso's intention to convey themes and topics through a brand, using people and their t-shirts as means of expression. The fusion of art and fashion becomes a powerful vehicle to transmit a message and have a tangible and immediate social impact. The expression "We've had enough of this crap!" adds a touch of rebellion, highlighting frustration and rejection of the global economic system. In conclusion, "Crapitalism" presents itself as a "concept brand" that goes beyond aesthetics, adopting a clear stance on the critique of capitalism. Here, art leverages fashion as a means to spread the message, demonstrating how it can be a powerful tool for social change and critical awareness.

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