“C3LEBRATION” is a series of nine subjects, comprising prints, canvases, and guerrilla urban actions, a vibrant tribute to the triumphant victory of SSC Napoli in the 2023 championship. This artistic project, while being a hymn of sports joy, stands out for its “social” nature and dedication to people. “C3LEBRATION” goes beyond the mere recounting of a sporting event; it speaks of a land, its community, and the faith that unites people.

Football players and musicians with editions of C3lebration: Pierluigi Gollini, Alex Meret, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Amir Rrahmani, Stanislav Lobotka, Piotr Zielinski, Gianluca Gaetano, Matteo Politano, Giovanni Simeone, Victor Osimhen, Alessio Zerbin, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, Giacomo Raspadori, Nino D’angelo, Clementino, Luciano Spalletti.

This project also expresses a deep connection with faith, highlighting the importance of believing not only in sports success but also in the strength of the community and the ability of art to convey shared emotions and values. In summary, “C3LEBRATION” embraces multiple dimensions of celebration: social, cultural, and spiritual.

Murale in Napoli.

The multiples and canvases, key elements of this collection, act as mediums capturing the greatness and energy of the sports victory, transporting it into the realm of artistic expression. The bold use of guerrilla urban art adds a level of dynamism and direct engagement with public space, transforming the city into a stage for shared celebration.

Guerrilla Art in Milano and Napoli.

The term “social” emphasizes the intent to engage and connect people through art, making “C3LEBRATION” a vehicle that surpasses stadium boundaries and reaches the heart of the community. The artistic narrative not only celebrates a team but also reflects the identity strength of a land and the sense of belonging that the victory has inspired.

YEAR 2023

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