Follow your leader

Follow your leader

“Follow Your Leader” is configured as an intriguing and discoverable “collection.” The works convey a profound visual analysis of leadership, going beyond the mere celebration of icons. The works explore the shared impulse characterizing both Michael Jordan's basketball court and Winston Churchill's historical challenges.

Street works in Copenhagen, Milano, Amsterdam, Napoli, Verona, New York.

Art becomes the medium through which the intrinsic nature of leadership is investigated, embracing heterogeneous contexts. The surprising convergence between two eminent figures with a winning mentality and undisputed leadership culminates in a shared passion for cigars. The title, “Follow Your Leader,” invites reflection on leadership models, tracing a connection between iconic figures and universal symbols like basketball.

The series further expands by including contemporary figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo, adding new layers of meaning and connecting with a broader audience. The works, through iconographic representation, capture the strength and determination that have guided the actions of these leaders.

The inclusion of recognizable symbols, such as basketballs, amplifies the narrative scope, creating a bridge between the collection and a collective understanding of culture and shared passions.

YEAR 2018-2023
To see Rosso | Michele Ciro Franzese's artistic production, download download the digital version of the biographical volume "Crapitalism: XX Years!". You will take part in his twenty-year journey in urban, graffiti, and street art. From his beginnings in Naples, through Italy, to covering major cities in Europe and the United States.