An exciting journey through the duality of graphic designer and creative director, as well as multi-instrumentalist musician. The projects of Rosso aka Michele Ciro Franzese represent the symbiosis between sound and image, demonstrating Rosso's ability to intertwine the visual and auditory with a unique touch. Download pdf .

Rosso's album covers are more than just wrappers; they are works of art that communicate the musical essence in a unique visual language. Through these creations, Rosso continues to demonstrate his ability to translate sound into visual visions, enriching our way of perceiving and connecting with music at all levels.

Music Covers


2004 - Dada Danzè - El-ghor, Seahorse records

2009 - Sognando Contromano - Neffa, Rca

2013 - La grande abbuffata - Funky Pushertz, Suonivisioni

2013 - Molto Calmo - Neffa, Sony / Best Sound

2016 - Resistenza - Neffa, Sony Music

2020 - Femmena - Livio Cori, Magma

2021 - AmarAmmore - Neffa, Sony Music

2022 - Blu Verano Ep - Livio Cori, Magma

2022 - Rebel - Naska, Thamsanqa

2022 - Rebel Deluxe - Naska, Thamsanqa

2022 - Profondo Rosa - Simone Panetti,Thamsanqa

2022 - Itasian - Mike Lennon, Carosello Records

2022 - 12 - Andrea Blanc,Thamsanqa

2023 - La mia stanza - Naska, Thamsanqa

2023 - La mia stanza Deluxe - Naska, Thamsanqa



2007 - La Notte - Neffa contenuto in Alla fine della notte, Sony Music

2007 - Passione - Neffa contenuto in Saturno Contro, Ariola

2013 - Quando Sorridi - Neffa contenuto in Molto Calmo, Sony / Best Sound

2016 - Sigarette - Neffa contenuto in Resistenza, Sony Music

2016 - Colpisci - Neffa contenuto in Resistenza, Sony Music

2020 - Pusher Love - Livio Cori feat. Enzo Dong contenuto in Femmena, Magma

2021 - Aggio Perz o Suonno - Neffa feat. Coez contenuto in AmarAmmore, Sony Music

2021 - Amo di te - Andrea Blanc feat. SVM contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2021 - Non ho colpa - Andrea Blanc contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2021 - Verano - Livio Cori contenuto in Blu Verano Ep, Magma

2021 - Vieni con me - Andrea Blanc feat. Mayomi contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - Spazio di un secondo - Andrea Blanc contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - Balli da sola - Livio Cori, Magma

2022 - Profonda e blu - Andrea Blanc feat Livio Cori contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - Bisogno di te - Andrea Blanc contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - La mia testa è un postaccio - Santachiara contenuto in La strada più bella per tornare a casa, Carosello Records

2022 - Vertigo - Heir, Sony Music

2022 - Se non hai le ali - Andrea Blanc contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - Isola - Andrea Blanc feat. Leslie Sackey contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - Il mio inferno - Andrea Blanc contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - Rasoi - Andrea Blanc feat Tommy Dali contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa

2022 - Morsi - Andrea Blanc feat David Blank contenuto in 12,Thamsanqa



2022 - Fortune - Muhe vs Rosso, Autoproduzione

2003 - Mannheim - Muhe vs Rosso, Autoproduzione

2006 - Danzè - El-ghor, Seahorse records

2006 - My Winter Vacation - Populous feat Doseone, Morr Music

2006 - Tutto è Fermo - Paura, Relief Records

2006 - Frammento di sole - I Fluxer, Relief Records

2008 - Sans Lumiere - El-ghor, seahorse records

2009 - TU’ te ‘iettà - ShaOne, NUT records


Discogs: Michele Ciro Franzese / Rosso

From the bold artwork for the album “Dada Danzè” by the indie rock group El-ghor in 2004, inspired by Dadaism, to the vibrant album covers such as “Sognando Contromano” by Neffa (2009), “La grande abbuffata” by Funky Pushertz (2013), and the most recent “AmarAmmore” by Neffa (2021), Rosso paints with sound, transforming notes into intriguing visual visions.

His first album covers date back to the late 1990s, when he began experimenting with computer graphics working for the independent Neapolitan hip hop scene. In the mid-2000s, he immersed himself in VJing and, thanks to his personal artistic vision, collaborated and shared the stage with experimental bands like Matmos, Tujiko Noriko, Giardini di Mirò, Muhe, and many others.

This chapter reveals the magic behind each image, showing how Rosso, in his role as creative director, collaborated with music labels and artists, shaping the aesthetics of unforgettable albums and singles.

The cover becomes the gateway to the sonic universe, and in Rosso's hands, it transforms into a complete sensory experience. For example, in his two self-produced albums in 2004, "Scfiammato" and "Love is in the hair", the use of recycled paper sewn by machine and wax seals allowed the listener to "touch" the music even before playing it.

Soon available on all streaming platforms.

To see Rosso | Michele Ciro Franzese's artistic production, download the digital version of the biographical volume "Crapitalism: XX Years!". You will take part in his twenty-year journey in the fields of urban, graffiti, and street art. From his beginnings in Naples, throughout Italy, to "covering" the major cities of Europe and the United States.